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The 76104 community has the lowest life expectancy rate in the state of Texas due to historical disenfranchisement. While mentoring dual-enrollment students, we learned that girls missed school due to the lack of menstrual products. 

 In 2022, community partner BRAVE/R Together awarded Pragmatic Prodigies a $10,000 grant to continue our efforts to end teen period poverty in 76102. In partnership with Fort Worth ISD, Morningside Middle School, and other community partners, we provided over 20,000 menstrual products to the 76102 community and surrounding school districts. 


The Pragmatic Prodigies annual Teen Summit provides a forum for women and girls to organize, network, learn new things, and share their hopes and concerns in a public setting.

Pragmatic Prodigies is normalizing the conversation by raising awareness. We partner with local/state elected officials, organizations, and school districts to engage, educate, and mobilize around combating period poverty through community activism and legislation. 

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PragmaticProdigies(Teal)_Stickers (5).png
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