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Join us in our mission to champion equity in education through the expansion of advanced academics and the elimination of Teen Period Poverty. 


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Ky and Maddie are 16 year old Senior high-school and college students!

We take pride in being pragmatic in addressing educational and social issues that plague our generation. We use our podcast BLACK GIRLS NEXT GEN  to discuss local and global issues in community with other kids that are working to make an impact. 

As life long friends, we like to say from the cradle to the graduating stage,  our friendship is deeply rooted in supporting one another because "Iron Sharpens Iron".  Our mission is simple, we want other girls that look like us to have the same opportunities we've experienced. What better way to have an impact on our nation than to educate girls? It has been said that "When you educate a girl, you educate a nation". Our vision is simple, we want educate kids on how to navigate the path to early graduation in both high-school  and college.  This begins with partnering with schools, parents, and organizations  remove barriers that keep girls like us from reaching their full academic potential and tapping into into their inner pragmatism because we're  all prodigies! 

The Pragmatic Prodigies is a non-profit 501(C)3, dedicated to inspiring and empowering underrepresented and marginalized youth to excel academically through participation in dual-enrollment,  advanced curricula, and community service.



Texas Success Initiative (TSI)  
Dual enrollment 
Financial Aid
Pragmatic Problem Solving skills 

Community Service 



The Pragmatic Prodigies will partner with schools, parents, and organizations by inspiring and empowering underrepresented and marginalized youth to excel academically through the participation in dual-enrollment, advance curricula, and community service. 


To educate students and parents on the benefits of  participating in advanced academic courses.


To increase participation of black and brown girls in dual-enrollment.


Normalize the conversation about teen period poverty.


Build a coalition of advocates in the community to address Teen Period Poverty in schools.

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